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Chairman Maominstoat's report on his efforts to listen to the 24hour Throbbing Gristle box set is making me want it even more.

Just took a break at the half-way point. I think I've gone deaf, and my balance seems to have suffered. Hopefully it's just temporary.

Oh yes! Now some frenzied synth arpeggios! It's like Kraftwerk being taken out and shot!

Come on, folks. It's only 180pounds. Please?

Fine. But if I come up with $450 extra bucks in the next few months, that puppy is gonna be mine.

* * *

Yes, I've gone mad. I blame it on the climbing, which went very well after the initial panic attack (go me!). Or possibly the giddy happiness.

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It's difficult to know exactly what would be the ideal activity to engage in while Throbbing Gristle provide the soundtrack. But I can reveal that shopping in central London is not among them.

24 hours of Throbbing Gristle. Damn. Does somebody want to acquire that box set for me, so I can perform a little experiment of my own?
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There's nothing like downing asprin with your coffee in the morning. Ah, sweet bitterness!

The cold came back,
the very next day.
She thought it was a goner
but the cold came back
Cuz it couldn't stay away

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Confession: season 7 Buffy is slaying me, and not in a good way. I'm finding the recent episodes to be repetitive, poorly paced and generally kinda dull. But it's not all bad, since it's resulted in:

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It's really rather appalling how much one has to spend on photocopying and printer paper when you're no longer just "accessing" those resources at the office.

* * *

At some point in the last few days, I've snapped out of the funk that's been dragging for the last couple of months. I celebrated by sniping at deserving targets, sharing giddy secrets with my best gal, splurging on new boots and catching up with good friends.

V organized (as always) a tremendously fun party for the collected b'day boys, replete with silly horse cock conversations and political analysis. Dark Rave was fun; sneaking off with Aleta to Savage was even better. Paul closed out the night with a mix including Sisters of Mercy (Ribbons), Tom Waits (Going Down West), Daft Punk (Around the World), Pop Will Eat Itself (Wise up Sucker), and Aqua (Barbie Girl) that left me doubled over with a side stitch and hysterical laughter.

Highlight of the weekend - bumping into Kaffiene at Insomnia post-Friday film. It's in her honor that this entry is public record. Now email me, damnit, because I lost your addy months ago!

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Graphic design peeps: Can anyone identify this font for me? I've lost the damned thing and I really want to use it for something...

One for the gamers...

Mentioned on one of my film-related mailing lists:

"Are you game enough?", Thurs. Nov. 21, 9:00 pm.

This evening features a discussion on the future of gaming between
JD Alley (Xbox Entertainment Network), Robin Benger (CogentBenger
Productions), and Eric Zimmerman (gameLab), moderated by Mark Jones

Volume Lounge, 577 King St. West (between Spadina & Bathurst), Toronto. Be sure to enter the draw to win an Xbox Gaming System.

The discussion will be followed by party featuring the Top Ten
Gamers from Elitegamers.ca! This is a full-on show 'n shine, with the very top gamers and their tricked-out case mods. See the best of the best battle to the end!

More info at www.interactivearena.ca